When the church needs Grace

I remember thinking working in a church would be easy. Maybe not easy – but I certainly didn’t think it would be this difficult. I liked to believe a community of people gathered together who claimed Christ would be a good representation of the One they claimed to follow. But as I looked closer and my days dragged on – I saw it wasn’t just me but across the country. I saw a lot of vessels covered with shiny paint. But underneath were big cracks, gaping holes, webs of deceit, angst, hurt, and pain.

My heart is broken over the reality of how deep the need for the Gospel is within our own churches.

When a middle schooler believes they cannot find grace in their own household – maybe we need to rethink how we follow Jesus.

When a family cannot live in grace and be responded to in grace – perhaps we need to rethink what Jesus death on the cross truly means to us.

When we portray a heart of worship on a stage and respond in anger and pride and selfishness to others who enter our home – maybe we need to rethink who is first in our lives.

When we try and pass on¬†responsibility¬†for our children or make excuses for why we don’t live in grace towards our spouse – maybe we need to recheck the verse which says “who is my neighbor?”

When we like “Christian” photos and news sources on facebook but come home drunk night after night…maybe we need to rethink who is Lord in our life.

I deeply, deeply love my church. And I deeply, deeply love the Church. My heart is torn tonight for the people, specifically of North Canton, Stark County, and Northeast Ohio. May our eyes be opened to the depth of the Gospel – and may we be radically transformed – starting in my home and spreading like fire.

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