My name is Matt Brumfield – but everyone knows me as Brummy. I am married to my beautiful, amazing wife Gina and God has blessed us with two amazing little boys and our awesome dog, Ahri. [Yes, she is named after a League of Legends character.]

I have been working with middle and high school students in Stark County, OH for 9 years. I am employed by The Chapel in North Canton, with a degree in Youth Ministry from Malone University. I spend a lot of my time in and around the North Canton community – assisting local schools as needed, hanging out at Starbucks, and catching local sporting events. My goal is to let every family know they are loved and valued enough to be invested in. My heart is for middle school students, parents, the community to experience the love of Jesus. To bring hope because I was given hope – hope which I fought and ran from – but God never gave up on me.

My goal with this site is to share what God has taught me and is teaching me as I seek to disciple middle and high school students as followers of Jesus. Its exciting, exhausting, and totally worth it!

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