Love Your Neighbor Missions – Day 1 Recap

So this week I am pumped to be spending every day with 21 middle school students working throughout Northeast Ohio serving the homeless, the elderly, the wealthy, and everyone in between. We finished our first day, working with various ministries ranging from scrubbing toilets to playing Bingo with the elderly to serving a meal at a men’s shelter. And all of this is done with middle school students who, through Christ, are fully capable! I am pumped to have some of them guest blogging their experiences of what God is doing in their life!

– Brummy

Today we woke up ready for a big day.  I was very excited I could not wait to start I was ready.  I went to the lobby we loaded up and went to get to breakfast at the church.  We ate I packed my lunch and then we played a couple games then we loaded up again and headed to the Martin Center.  My group (the blue group) was only there for about 5 min.  Then we headed to Home Depot to get paint.  We were there forever we pasted the time we talked and looked at samples eventually we got our paint and left for the Martin Center.  When we got there we dropped of the paint and left for Refuge of Hope.  There we helped wash tables and chairs, we helped with a silverware,and set up the table.  It was lots of fun and we even got to eat with them. Then we once again headed to the Martin Center and this time we stayed for a while.  We helped clean the bathrooms and paint some walls.  We left to eat dinner at the church and then we went to park for devotions and play.  We played catchers up and I caught it 3 times.  I had loads of fun today and I can’t wait for day 2.

– Aaron P.

Today all of the NCC students were prepared for a big day. We were all very excited and we though it would be as easy as pie but we were in for a treat. We had to scrub paint spots off the floor and clean toilets and paint walls and many more. It was lots of fun and it makes me happy that we can make homeless kids happy! Then we split up in groups. The blue group went to Refuge of Hope. Green and red went to the Pregnancy Support Center. Then we went to the park and we had lots of fun! Today was a very fun but tiring day, and I can’t wait to make more people happy the rest of the week! Thank you for this opportunity!

-Kelsey Y.

Today the ministry students were ready for a big day. All of us were so excited but not ready for the cold weather. We went to the martin center . the blue team went to home depot to pick up floor cleaner and paint. we had to wait for a long time for the paint. after that we went back to the martin center to work. since they already had two teams working at the martin center the blue team went to the refuge of hope. At the refuge of hope we cleaned tables, rolled sliver ware, set up for lunch and made some tea. then we went back to the martin center for a little bit longer till it was time to leave for the canton regency. the green and red team went to the PSC while the blue team went to the canton regency. at the canton regency we played bingo and some of us taught a resident how to play UNO and she won! we had debrief at the park and then we hung out for a little bit. after that we just came back and hung out some more. we all had a great day and can’t wait till tomorrow.

– Jasmin R.

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